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gtty(3c) [bsd man page]

STTY(3C)																  STTY(3C)

stty, gtty - set and get terminal state (defunct) SYNOPSIS
#include <sgtty.h> stty(fd, buf) int fd; struct sgttyb *buf; gtty(fd, buf) int fd; struct sgttyb *buf; DESCRIPTION
This interface is obsoleted by ioctl(2). Stty sets the state of the terminal associated with fd. Gtty retrieves the state of the terminal associated with fd. To set the state of a terminal the call must have write permission. The stty call is actually ``ioctl(fd, TIOCSETP, buf)'', while the gtty call is ``ioctl(fd, TIOCGETP, buf)''. See ioctl(2) and tty(4) for an explanation. DIAGNOSTICS
If the call is successful 0 is returned, otherwise -1 is returned and the global variable errno contains the reason for the failure. SEE ALSO
ioctl(2), tty(4) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 STTY(3C)

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TTY(4)							     Linux Programmer's Manual							    TTY(4)

tty - controlling terminal DESCRIPTION
The file /dev/tty is a character file with major number 5 and minor number 0, usually of mode 0666 and root.tty. It is a syn- onym for the controlling terminal of a process, if any. In addition to the ioctl() requests supported by the device that tty refers to, the following ioctl() request is supported: TIOCNOTTY Detach the current process from its controlling terminal, and remove it from its current process group, without attaching it to a new process group (that is, set its process group ID to zero). This ioctl() call only works on file descriptors connected to /dev/tty; this is used by daemon processes when they are invoked by a user at a terminal. The process attempts to open /dev/tty; if the open succeeds, it detaches itself from the terminal by using TIOCNOTTY, while if the open fails, it is obviously not attached to a terminal and does not need to detach itself. FILES
/dev/tty SEE ALSO
mknod(1), chown(1), getty(1), termios(3), console(4), ttys(4) Linux 1992-01-21 TTY(4)
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