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STYLE(1)										 STYLE(1)

       style  -  analyze surface characteristics of a document

       style [ -ml ] [ -mm ] [ -a ] [ -e ] [ -l num ] [ -r num ] [ -p ] [ -P ] file ...

       Style analyzes the surface characteristics of the writing style of a document.  It reports
       on readability, sentence length and structure, word length and usage, verb type, and  sen-
       tence  openers.	 Because  style runs deroff before looking at the text, formatting header
       files should be included as part of the input.  The default macro package -ms may be over-
       ridden with the flag -mm.  The flag -ml, which causes deroff to skip lists, should be used
       if the document contains many lists of non-sentences.   The  other  options  are  used  to
       locate sentences with certain characteristics.

       -a     print all sentences with their length and readability index.

       -e     print all sentences that begin with an expletive.

       -p     print all sentences that contain a passive verb.

       -lnum  print all sentences longer than num.

       -rnum  print all sentences whose readability index is greater than num.

       -P     print parts of speech of the words in the document.

       deroff(1), diction(1)

       Use of non-standard formatting macros may cause incorrect sentence breaks.

7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				 STYLE(1)
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