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DEROFF(1)										DEROFF(1)

       deroff - remove nroff, troff, tbl and eqn constructs

       deroff [ -w ] file ...

       Deroff  reads  each  file in sequence and removes all nroff and troff command lines, back-
       slash constructions, macro definitions, eqn constructs (between `.EQ' and `.EN'	lines  or
       between	delimiters), and table descriptions and writes the remainder on the standard out-
       put.  Deroff follows chains of included files (`.so' and `.nx' commands); if  a	file  has
       already	been  included, a `.so' is ignored and a `.nx' terminates execution.  If no input
       file is given, deroff reads from the standard input file.

       If the -w flag is given, the output is a word list, one `word' (string of letters, digits,
       and apostrophes, beginning with a letter; apostrophes are removed) per line, and all other
       characters ignored.  Otherwise, the output follows the original, with the  deletions  men-
       tioned above.

       troff(1), eqn(1), tbl(1)

       Deroff  is  not	a complete troff interpreter, so it can be confused by subtle constructs.
       Most errors result in too much rather than too little output.

7th Edition				  April 29, 1985				DEROFF(1)
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