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ROFFBIB(1)									       ROFFBIB(1)

       roffbib - run off bibliographic database

       roffbib [ -e ] [ -h ] [ -n ] [ -o ] [ -r ] [ -s ] [ -Tterm ] [ -x ] [ -m mac ] [ -V ] [ -Q
       ] [ file ... ]

       Roffbib prints out all records in a bibliographic database, in bibliography format  rather
       than as footnotes or endnotes.  Generally it is used in conjunction with sortbib:

	      sortbib  database | roffbib

       Roffbib	accepts  most of the options understood by nroff(1), most importantly the -T flag
       to specify terminal type.

       If abstracts or comments are entered following the %X field key, roffbib will format  them
       into  paragraphs for an annotated bibliography.	Several %X fields may be given if several
       annotation paragraphs are desired.  The -x  flag  will  suppress  the  printing	of  these

       A  user-defined	set  of  macros  may be specified after the -m option.	There should be a
       space between the -m and the macro filename.  This set of macros  will  replace	the  ones
       defined in /usr/share/tmac/tmac.bib.  The -V flag will send output to the Versatec; the -Q
       flag will queue output for the phototypesetter.

       Four command-line registers control formatting style of the bibliography,  much	like  the
       number  registers  of  ms(7).   The  command-line argument -rN1 will number the references
       starting at one (1).  The flag -rV2 will double space the bibliography,	while  -rV1  will
       double  space  references  but single space annotation paragraphs.  The line length can be
       changed from the default 6.5 inches to 6 inches with the -rL6i argument, and the page off-
       set  can  be  set  from	the  default of 0 to one inch by specifying -rO1i (capital O, not
       zero).  Note: with the -V and -Q flags the default page offset is already one inch.

       /usr/share/tmac/tmac.bib  file of macros used by nroff/troff

       refer(1), addbib(1), sortbib(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1)

       Users have to rewrite macros to create customized formats.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		 October 22, 1996			       ROFFBIB(1)
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