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atq(1) [bsd man page]

ATQ(1)							      General Commands Manual							    ATQ(1)

atq - print the queue of jobs waiting to be run SYNOPSIS
atq [ -c ] [ -n ] [ name ... ] DESCRIPTION
Atq prints the queue of jobs that are waiting to be run at a later date. These jobs were created with the at(1) command. With no flags, the queue is sorted in the order that the jobs will be executed. If the -c flag is used, the queue is sorted by the time that the at command was given. The -n flag prints only the total number of files that are currently in the queue. If a name(s) is provided, only those files belonging to that user(s) are displayed. FILES
/usr/spool/at spool area SEE ALSO
at(1), atrm(1), cron(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution May 10, 1986 ATQ(1)

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atrm(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   atrm(1)

atrm - Removes jobs spooled by at SYNOPSIS
atrm [-a] [-f | -i] [job_number...] | [user...] The atrm command removes jobs that were created with the at command. OPTIONS
Removes all jobs belonging to the person invoking atrm. If invoked by a privileged user, all jobs on the queue are removed. Suppresses the printing of all information about the jobs being removed. Prompts before a job is removed; a response of y, or the locale's equivalent of y, causes the job to be removed. Obsolete version of -a. DESCRIPTION
If one or more job numbers is specified, atrm attempts to remove only those jobs. If one or more usernames is specified, all jobs belonging to those users are removed. This form of invoking atrm is useful only if you have superuser authority. EXAMPLES
To remove job number 62169200.a, created by user chinn, from the queue created by the at command, enter: atrm chinn.62169200.a Note that specifies an at job for sh. (.f specifies an at job for csh, and specifies an at job for ksh.) FILES
Main cron directory. List of allowed users. List of denied users. Spool area. Queue description file for at, batch, and cron. SEE ALSO
Commands: at(1), atq(1), cron(8) Files: queuedefs(4) atrm(1)
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