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Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 1

0intro(1) 2a(1) 2c(1) 2l(1) 8½(1) INDEX(1) acid(1)
acme(1) alef(1) ar(1) art(1) ascii(1) awk(1) basename(1)
bc(1) bind(1) bundle(1) c++(1) cal(1) calendar(1) cat(1)
char(1) chgrp(1) chmod(1) cmp(1) comm(1) con(1) cp(1)
cpp(1) cpu(1) date(1) db(1) dc(1) dd(1) deroff(1)
diff(1) doctype(1) du(1) echo(1) ed(1) emacs(1) eqn(1)
factor(1) file(1) fmt(1) fone(1) fortune(1) freq(1) games(1)
grap(1) graph(1) grep(1) gs(1) hoc(1) hp(1) join(1)
kill(1) ktrans(1) lex(1) look(1) lp(1) ls(1) mail(1)
man(1) mc(1) mk(1) mkdir(1) mothra(1) netstat(1) news(1)
nm(1) page(1) passwd(1) pcc(1) pic(1) plot(1) ppp(1)
pr(1) prof(1) proof(1) ps(1) pwd(1) rc(1) rm(1)
sam(1) sed(1) seq(1) size(1) sleep(1) sort(1) spell(1)
spin(1) split(1) stop(1) strings(1) strip(1) sum(1) syscall(1)
tail(1) tapefs(1) tar(1) tbl(1) tcs(1) tee(1) tel(1)
test(1) tex(1) time(1) touch(1) tr(1) troff(1) tweak(1)
twig(1) uniq(1) units(1) vi(1) wc(1) who(1) xd(1)
yacc(1) yesterday(1)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 2

0intro(2) INDEX(2) abort(2) abs(2) access(2) add(2) arg(2)
atof(2) auth(2) balloc(2) bind(2) bio(2) bitblt(2) brk(2)
cachechars(2) chdir(2) cputime(2) ctime(2) ctype(2) debugger(2) dial(2)
dirread(2) dup(2) encrypt(2) errstr(2) event(2) exec(2) exits(2)
exp(2) fcall(2) fgetc(2) floor(2) fopen(2) fork(2) fprintf(2)
frame(2) frexp(2) fscanf(2) fsession(2) getenv(2) getfcr(2) getfields(2)
getpid(2) getuser(2) getwd(2) graphics(2) hypot(2) ip(2) layer(2)
lock(2) mach(2) malloc(2) memory(2) mktemp(2) nan(2) ndb(2)
notify(2) object(2) open(2) perror(2) pipe(2) plbutton(2) plinit(2)
plinitbutton(2) postnote(2) print(2) qsort(2) rand(2) read(2) regexp(2)
remove(2) rendezvous(2) rgbpix(2) rune(2) seek(2) segattach(2) segbrk(2)
segflush(2) setjmp(2) sin(2) sinh(2) sleep(2) stat(2) strcat(2)
subfalloc(2) symbol(2) time(2) tmpfile(2) wait(2)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 3

0intro(3) INDEX(3) arp(3) async(3) audio(3) bit(3) cdrom(3)
cons(3) cyc(3) datakit(3) dk(3) dup(3) env(3) fcall(3)
floppy(3) i82365(3) ip(3) iproute(3) kprof(3) lance(3) lpt(3)
mnt(3) pipe(3) proc(3) reboot(3) root(3) rtc(3) scc(3)
scsi(3) srv(3) stream(3) vga(3) wren(3)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 4

0intro(4) 8½(4) INDEX(4) acme(4) cfs(4) consolefs(4) dossrv(4)
exportfs(4) fs(4) ftpfs(4) import(4) iostats(4) keyfs(4) kfs(4)
namespace(4) ramfs(4) srv(4) telco(4) u9fs(4)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 5

0intro(5) INDEX(5) attach(5) clone(5) clunk(5) clwalk(5) error(5)
flush(5) open(5) read(5) remove(5) stat(5) walk(5)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 6

0intro(6) INDEX(6) aout(6) ar(6) auth(6) bitmap(6) face(6)
font(6) keyboard(6) man(6) map(6) mpictures(6) mpm(6) ms(6)
namespace(6) ndb(6) plot(6) regexp(6) rewrite(6) users(6) utf(6)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 7

0intro(7) INDEX(7) astro(7) chdb(7) dict(7) juke(7) map(7)
road(7) scat(7) showimage(7)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 8

0intro(8) INDEX(8) auth(8) bcom(8) boot(8) booting(8) bootp(8)
btrace(8) cpurc(8) cron(8) dkconfig(8) fs(8) fsconfig(8) home(8)
httpd(8) init(8) ipconfig(8) kfscmd(8) listen(8) lp(8) mkfs(8)
mouse(8) ndb(8) newuser(8) nfsserver(8) pcmcia(8) pip(8) plan9ini(8)
prep(8) qer(8) scuzz(8) securenet(8) snoopy(8) swap(8) sysmon(8)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: 9

0intro(9) 9v(9) INDEX(9) aplot(9) arith3(9) bbox(9) card(9)
cmap(9) cpr(9) cvt2pic(9) filters(9) floyd(9) getcmap(9) getflags(9)
getmap(9) he(9) hed(9) hist(9) lam(9) lerp(9) logo(9)
lum(9) matrix(9) moto(9) mugs(9) pcp(9) pic2ps(9) picfile(9)
picinfo(9) picopen(9) qball(9) quantize(9) quaternion(9) remap(9) resample(9)
transpose(9) xpand(9)

Plan 9 Commands Man Page Section: doc.db

Man page is the short form for "manual page" found in software documentation on a Unix or Unix-like operating system (including Linux). Man page topics include small computer programs (including unix commands, library and system calls), formal standards and conventions, and abstract computing concepts. A computer user invokes the man page by issuing the "man" command and the name of the program, concept or command.