getting problem in my code:::: plz help...(multithreaded appn with serial comm.)

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Operating Systems Linux getting problem in my code:::: plz help...(multithreaded appn with serial comm.)
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Old 10-26-2007
getting problem in my code:::: plz help...(multithreaded appn with serial comm.)


here I am copying my code...

I am using two threads for reading and writing at com for reading and one for read thread I am using select() api....and polling again and again if there is some data to be read....but select is not returning any positive value so that it can read the data from serial port....
follows is the section my code where I am facing the problem..
can anybody help????????? regarding that....
where is the problem in the code???????
where I am lacking???????

#include "DataServerPort.h"
#include "DataServerLog.h"
//#include "DCSPacket.h"

extern QString packet;
extern DataServerLog d_LogObject;
extern DataServerLog CCUComLog;
extern DataServerPort *DSPComTh1;
extern DataServerPort *DSPComTh2;
extern bool g_bIsCCUCOMPortInitialized;
DataServerPort *p_DataportWrite;
int g_iLinkFailCounter = 0;
bool g_bLinkFailedTimerStartFlag = false;

// Queue
//extern CGCQueue DataPortEventQueue;
//extern CGCQueue DataPortCommandQueue;

pthread_t DataReadThread;
pthread_t DataWriteThread;

pthread_mutex_t g_csDataportMutex=PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
pthread_mutex_t g_csDataportEventQueueMutex=PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
pthread_mutex_t g_csDataportComandQueueMutex=PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;




long DataServerPort::initializeDataServerPort(QString &sPortnumber)
//CCUComLog.writeDataLog("Dataserver Com port init function\n");
//QString sCom = "/dev/ttyS";
//sPortnumber = sPortnumber.stripWhiteSpace();
//sCom = sCom + sPortnumber;
//m_hCreateFile = open(sCom,O_RDWR|O_NOCTTY|O_NDELAY);
m_hCreateFile = open("/dev/ttyS0",O_RDWR|O_NOCTTY|O_NDELAY);
if(m_hCreateFile == -1)
CCUComLog.writeDataLog("Com port open failed\n");
return -1;exit(0);

CCUComLog.writeDataLog("Dataserver Comport before thread\n");
// pthread_create(&DataReadThread,NULL,DataServerThread_readfun,NULL);


CCUComLog.writeDataLog("DataServer Comport after the thread\n");

return 1;


void DataServerPort::initPortSection()

tcgetattr( m_hCreateFile , &s_mTermios);

s_mTermios.c_cc[VMIN] = 1;

s_mTermios.c_iflag &= ~BRKINT;
s_mTermios.c_iflag = ISIG | IUCLC;
s_mTermios.c_oflag &= (OLCUC);
s_mTermios.c_cflag = B9600 | CS8 | CREAD | CLOCAL| HUPCL;

printf("exiting function initportsection\n");

void* DataServerThread_readfun(void* arg)

{ printf("I am in thread 1\n");
int iResultselect , iCheckallfd , iRbyte;
bool b_newPacketStarted=false;
unsigned char cTempbuf[2];
QString sReceivedData = "" ;
QString SendBuff="";
CCUComLog.writeDataLog("DataCom threadfun \n");
DataServerPort* p_Dataport = (DataServerPort*)arg;
//DataServerEvent* TheCEvent = NULL;
bool bFirsttime = true;
//bool b_newPacketStarted=false;
p_DataportWrite = new DataServerPort();

p_DataportWrite->s_mTermios = p_Dataport->s_mTermios;
p_DataportWrite->m_hCreateFile = p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile;

CCUComLog.writeDataLog("DataServer Comport Read Thread: p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile",p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile);

fd_set testfds,readfds;
struct timeval timeout;
FD_SET(p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile,&readfds);///add p_Dataport into readfds...




//printf("you r with try and catch\n");

testfds = readfds;

iResultselect = select(FD_SETSIZE,&testfds,(fd_set *)0,(fd_set *)0,&timeout);

if(iResultselect > 0)
{ printf("hello");
for ( iCheckallfd = 0 ; iCheckallfd < FD_SETSIZE ; iCheckallfd ++ )
if ( FD_ISSET ( iCheckallfd , &testfds ) )
if ( iCheckallfd == p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile )
iRbyte= read(p_Dataport->m_hCreateFile,cTempbuf,1);

if(iRbyte > 0)
sReceivedData ="";
} //if(b_newPacketStarted==false)
else if(b_newPacketStarted==true)
sReceivedData ="";
else if(cTempbuf[0]=='}')
//cout<<"\n\n The Received with bracket data is..."<<sReceivedData;
if(qstrlen(sReceivedData) == 11)
cout<<"\n\n The Received with full check data is....."<<sReceivedData;
CCUComLog.writeDataLog("\nData Received at Conc. -");
//TheCEvent = new DataServerEvent();
sReceivedData = "";
b_newPacketStarted=false ;
else // if data is not '{' or not '}'

} ////////if(iRbyte==1)
} //////////////else if(b_newPacketStarted==true)
} // //if fd==mcreatefile
} // if FD IsSet
} //for
} //if(i_Resultselect > 0)
else if(iResultselect<0)
// Error at comm Port


}// try
{ }

d_LogObject.writeDataLog("\n\n CCU Port Thread STOPPED...\n\n");
return NULL;

void *DataServerThread_writefun(void *arg)
DataServerPort *p_Write = (DataServerPort *)arg;
// DataServerCommand* TheCCommand = NULL;

bool bFirsttime=true;
QString SendBuff="";
//int iCounter=0;
int iStatus;
printf("you r in write thread function\n");
CCUComLog.writeDataLog("Dataserver write thread : ",p_Write->m_hCreateFile);
//CCUPortLog.writeDebugLog("\n CCU Write Thread : p_CCUPort->m_hCreateFile ",p_CCUPort->m_hCreateFile);

if(bFirsttime == true)
iStatus = ioctl(p_Write->m_hCreateFile,TCSETS,p_Write->s_mTermios);
bFirsttime = false;

// pthread_mutex_lock(&g_csDataportComandQueueMutex);
// TheCCommand = (DataPortCommand *)DataPortCommandQueue.RemoveTail();
// pthread_mutex_unlock(&g_csDataportComandQueueMutex);


//iCounter = 0;
//cout<<"\n Sending Packet to DataServer"<<SendBuff;
CCUComLog.writeDataLog("\n Sending Packet to DataServer---");

//while(iCounter < 3)
// {

// iCounter++;
// }
//DataServerLog.writeDebugLog("\n 3 times write completed");




d_LogObject.writeDataLog("\n\n Dataport Write Thread STOPPED...\n\n");
return NULL;
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