Problem with procfs.h file

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Operating Systems Linux Problem with procfs.h file
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Old 11-26-2013
Problem with procfs.h file

hello Forum members.

please find the below iisue and help me to solve the issue.

The below variable is declared in the procfs.h and applications has succuessful running on solaris but,as part of my work i am porting the entire application on linux. the only issue remained is below one.
error:'psinfo_t' was not declared in this scope

the procfs.h is OS depenedent.

Thanks in Advance
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Old 11-26-2013
/proc in solaris does not equal /proc in linux. The proc files are mostly not the same names and if by accident something has the same variable name its semantics are going to be different. You will have to recode. Period.

What information does your code currently get? There is probably a different way to get it in linux. 'The Linux programming interaface' by M Kerrisk is you best bet. If you post back here asking 'How do I get so-and-so in Linux? ' you will get an answer.
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