Create partition in FFS images.

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Operating Systems Linux Create partition in FFS images.
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Create partition in FFS images.


Firstly, I created a 50MB image using:
dd if=/dev/zero of=./disk.img bs=1MiB count=48

Then I formatted it using:
mkfs.ufs ./disk.img

This worked correctly as stated by the output of:
raphaelsc@debian:~/Desktop/FFS$ file disk.img
disk.img: Unix Fast File system [v2] (little-endian) las
number of cylinder groups 4, block size 16384, fragment 
, minimum percentage of free blocks 8, TIME optimization

However, I don't know how to create a partition in the disk image. I tried to use fdisk to create the partition, but it seems not to be correct.
I already compiled my kernel with the required options:

What should I do to create a UFS (FFS) partition with boot flag set on?

Raphael S.C

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if no better answers, from man fdisk on debian 7 ...
       cfdisk(8), sfdisk(8), mkfs(8), parted(8), partprobe(8), kpartx(8)

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