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Old 07-22-2011
Cross compile


I'm cross compiling libelektra to arm from linux system its giving library errors can any one help me?
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cxref-query(1)						      General Commands Manual						    cxref-query(1)

cxref-query - A program to query the cross reference database from cxref. SYNOPSIS
cxref-query [name [ ... name]] [-Odirname] [-Nbasename] [-xref[-all][-file][-func][-var][-type]] DESCRIPTION
A very simple program to query the cross-reference database that is created by the cxref program. This is intended to be an example of the information that is in the database and how to use it rather than a fully featured tool. OPTIONS
name Names of objects to query. The names that it looks up are the names of: Files, Variables, Functions, Typedefs If there are no names on the command line then the program enters interactive mode and prompts for names until an end of file (^D) is seen. -Odirname Use dirname as the input directory -Nbasename Use basename.* as the input filenames -xref Produce cross referencing information (see below). -all All cross references. -file Cross references for files. -func Cross references for functions. -var Cross references for variables. -type Cross references for types. The output depends on the -xref options but basically gives what is seen in the section of the document for the named object. SEE ALSO
cxref(1) BUGS
If you wish to submit bug reports or other comments about the program then email the author and put cxref in the subject line. AUTHOR
The cxref-query program is copyright Andrew M. Bishop 1995,96,97. July 5, 1997 cxref-query(1)