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Operating Systems Linux xmanager
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Old 10-07-2009

For remote console logging purpose we use X-manager for Solaris environment. How X-manager config for Linux systems. I want to get Linux desktop to remote pc. that is not ssh or telnet.
Please help me.
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telnetrc(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						       telnetrc(4)

telnetrc, .telnetrc - Specifies setup commands for a telnet session SYNOPSIS
The .telnetrc file contains the setup information for a telnet session. It is a hidden file in your home directory and must be readable by the user logging in. The file can consist of multiple entries for each remote host to which a user can connect. A remote host entry consists of multiple lines. The first line is the name of a remote host. The subsequent lines must begin with blank spaces, and contain telnet subcommands. These sub- commands are processed as though they were typed in manually. Lines beginning with a number sign (#) are comment lines. See telnet(1) for a complete list of telnet subcommands. To specify subcommands that apply to all systems, create an entry, using the word "DEFAULT" as the system name, and specify the telnet sub- commands in the subsequent lines. EXAMPLES
The following shows a sample .telnetrc file: # Beginning of telnetrc file # Default subcommands that apply to all systems DEFAULT environ undefine USER # First system entry system1 set echo toggle crlf # Second system entry system2 set echo mode line toggle crlf FILES
User-customized telnet startup values. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: telnet(1). delim off telnetrc(4)