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Operating Systems Linux xmanager
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Old 10-07-2009

For remote console logging purpose we use X-manager for Solaris environment. How X-manager config for Linux systems. I want to get Linux desktop to remote pc. that is not ssh or telnet.
Please help me.
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I am trying to connect via Xmanager 4 to a T4-2 server running Solaris 11. I checked the /etc/gdm.custom.conf file. The error I get is The MAC (Message Authentication Code) of packet is incorrect When I start the Xmanager on soalris I get a message /dev/fb (file or directory) does not... (2 Replies)
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Hi! I have a m3000 server with solaris 10. Clients connecting to server using Xmanager. But when they open a Java based application its very slow and some times hanging. But when I tried with VNC it works fine. Is this a BUG in Xmanager? Or Is there any method to solve this? Thanks, Charith (3 Replies)
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I am unable to view the GUI mode of the Fedora Linux machine through the Xmanager. I don't have issues in viewing my Solaris boxes. Please let me know if anything needs to be done about this? (3 Replies)
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Hi All, I am a real newbie to this so forgive me if I ask anything which may sound silly. I have a SunFire V1120 installed with Solaris 8 on it. I have Xmanager loaded onto my pc and i want to use this to connect to this box. However Xmanager doesn't recognise the box, but I can telnet to it no... (1 Reply)
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