Findout iLO type installed in a machine

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Operating Systems Linux Findout iLO type installed in a machine
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Old 09-25-2009
Findout iLO type installed in a machine

I have to write Linux script to findout what kind of ilo is been installed in the given ip address either ilo/LO100 or no device found.

IP address will be given in the command line of the script.

-> With out log on to the ip address, should get the ilo type installed in that machine.

1. I tried one method:
In the given ip address, if the device listens on the port 17988 its iLO for sure.

But how do i find if its LO100.

Kindly give your inputs to findout ilotype?

Is there any commands or port mapping to do the same?

Any inputs on this are welcome..
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Old 09-25-2009
Try scanning a known LO100 card for any special open ports. Or grab the login HTML page and grep it for any identifying strings.
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