Strings does not work for big files

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Operating Systems Linux Strings does not work for big files
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Old 08-09-2009
Strings does not work for big files

I was trying to calculate DBID of oracle database according to the topic Oracle in World: How to Discover find DBID and following number 2) mechanism specified there that is using of strings keyword.

My unfortunately my oracle database datafile is so big that I could not use strings keyword for searching.

I used,
strings datafilename_loc.

It failed with big file size. What I will do now?
How I can open file with strings?
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Old 08-09-2009

Instread of grep, perhaps you could use sed?

strings ..... | sed "/MAXVALUE/!d;q"

Or with grep:
strings .... | grep -m1 MAXVALUE

Alternatively select a smaller file (perhaps a redo log) which also contains the number, or choose another method as described in the article.

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