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Old 09-17-2002
Power Cisco ISO basic command

hi,I am describeing basic command about cisco Ios .my english not well,so that has error on the article ,I hope that you give directions to me.
A. Check command for basic router
show version

show processes

show protocols

show mem

show ip route

show startup-config

show running-config

show flash

show interfaces

B. configure command for basic router

enter£ºconfig terminal/memory/network

be often used command when configure networking£ºcopy and load

1£® identification £ºhostname

2£® start identification £ºbanner

3£® interface£ºinterface number

4£® password£ºline 0 6


passwd password

enable password/secret password

5£® interfac£º

1£©configure interface

interface number

clock rate £¨64000£©

bandwidth £¨default 56£©


early-token release

ring-speed 16

no shutdown

write memory

2£©check interface

show interfaces

show controllers

6£® configure interface

1£© way of loading

boot system flash IOS-filename

boot system tftp IOS-filename tftp-address

boot system rom

2£© configure Register value

config-register 0x2102

7£® showing neighbor router

show cdp interface

show cdp neighbors [detail]

show cdp entry routerA !

8£® IP Address configure

Ip ad dress

Ip host hostname address

Ip name-server sever1,sever2

Ip domain-lookup nsap

Show hosts

Ping hostname/ip address
Trace hostname/ip address
D¡¢ IP router

1£® static router

ip routing

ip route

2£® default router

ip default-network network number

3£® dynamic router

1£© RIP configure

Router rip

Network number

Show ip route

Show ip protocol

Debug ip

2£© OSPF configure

Router ospf

Redistribute other router protocol

Network !

Area range

Area default-cost

Ip ospf priority number

Ip ospf cost

Show ip ospf database

3£© BGP configure

Router bgp



Aggregate-address summary-only

Neighbor remote-as

E¡¢ flux cortrol

1£© passiveness interface

passive interface

2£© default router

ip default

3£© static router

ip route nbsp

4£©ACL list

( all) access-list {permit|deny} [ established]

access-list {permit|deny} IP/TCP

access-group in|out

distribute-list in|out interface

4£© Null 0 interface

Ip route address mask null 0

E¡¢ configure net

1£© PPP

Ppp pap sent-usename

Ppp chap hostname

Ppp chap password


encapsulation x25 [dce]

x25 address

x25 map

x25 pvc pvc

ip switching

x25 ro! ute x.121

2£© FrameRelay

Frame-relay local-dlci IP

Frame-relay map

Frame-relay lmi-type ansi
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Old 09-18-2002
Thanks for your Cisco IOS contribution. I'm moving to the networking section, BTW.
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