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Old 05-21-2001

I have SCO Unix. I have 2 routers. as it is now, when someone telnets to UNIX and goes through router #1 everything is fine. The users who go through router #2 can not connect at all. I talked to CISCO and they said I need to set up a second Gateway on UNIX. They said what is happening is that UNIX tries to respond, but it is responding to router #1 becasue that is all that it knows. What is the command for adding a second Gateway?
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Old 05-22-2001
Your routing problem is a basic issue that the host has a default gateway that points to a router/gateway that is not the right one. There are numerous ways to solve this, depending on the routing requirements.

If you are coming into the host via the second router from specific IP addresses or subnets; you simply add a static route that points at the second routers (host side) IP address (gateway) for the subnets/IPs.

This is done with the <B>ifconfig</b> command. The exact syntax of ifconfig is machine dependent, so check your man page on this command.

In a nutshell, you must tell the box you are telnetting into how to return the packets based on destination address (of the returning packets) coupled with the IP address of the gateway. This is called static routing and it the best way to go.

You need to understand (1) static routing and (2) the ifconfig command on your system.
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