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Old 09-06-2002
Internet Explorer Solaris

Downloaded and installed, when I try to execute iexplorer it responds with "iexplorer: not found", but it is right there in the directory I am in and I im logged in as root. any ideas?
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Old 09-06-2002
try it like this:

There's a wierd new security problem:
Running Internet Explorer as root!
Eek! Microsofts plan is to bring down Unix with it's own tools!

... Well, probably not, but don't run it as root Smilie
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Old 09-06-2002
Well, that certianly did execute it, but now it is crying about patches...damnit...Microsoft!
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Old 09-07-2002
Why would you cripple Solaris like that?

Just kidding - I don't want to start any flame wars... Seriously though - why install it? Does it come with all of the MS-centric plugins such as ActiveX?
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