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Old 04-06-2002
Thanks, I will try that.
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Ethereal Solaris i386

Hello guys, I am trying to install ethereal in Solaris10 based on i386 system. But i can find only packet for sparc. Any idea? Thanks a lot! (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: @dagio
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2. Solaris

ethereal problem

I have installed ethereal on solaris 10. however I can execute the ./ethereal using the root account. if tried to execute same from non-root users i am facing the following error. ethereal: The capture session could not be initiated (/dev/ce: Permission denied). Please check to make sure... (2 Replies)
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tracing ethereal traces

Hi All........ i need a perl script that can trace the traces of the ethereal tool. PLZ help me out...............!!!!!!!!! (1 Reply)
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

interfacing ethereal

Hi All; plz suggest me any perl script to get the ethereal messeges.To be more specific, i need to write a perl script that when an ethereal tool is started and captures any traces, can get that trace......... :) (0 Replies)
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Ethereal and AIX 5.3

Hi to all .... i must install ethereal-0.8.18-1 on aix system , for do some problems determination about network problems . I have a .bff file of ethereal but for resolve dependencies i need this two .bff package needed : freeware.gtk+.rte # Base Level Fileset... (1 Reply)
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6. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Ethereal installation on unix

Hi , Has any one installed ethereal on a unix machien ?? I m trying to install it on an hpux 11i machine and getting the following error * Summary of Analysis Phase: ERROR: Exclude ethereal.ethereal-RUN,r=0.10.11 ERROR: Exclude ... (0 Replies)
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Installing ethereal on red hat

Has anybody installed ethereal on red hat linux. If so how ?, ie a a step by step process. I 've been to but it says not to use the RPM's on the site. When I do attempt to install using binaries or RPM's the list of dependancies seems endless, ie it says I need x I try to install x and... (4 Replies)
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8. SCO

Ethereal problems on SCO OpenServer 5.0.7

I have installed the Ethereal package (ethereal-0.8.14.pkg) on a SCO Openserver 5.0.7. Installation went OK but when I try to start Ethereal I get error messages about "linking problems". I have studied the SCO Technical article 116949 but my filenames differ from article. Please help!! (1 Reply)
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9. SCO

Ethereal for SCO OpenServer 5.0.7???

Which version of Ethereal can I use for SCO OpenServer 5.0.7??? (0 Replies)
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10. IP Networking


Hi, I work with an interface which connects to a Switch company and pulls information from certain sockets. During the night, somehow disconnects and it is difficult to prove if it is the interface or the Switch company responsible. I had the suggestion to install sniffers to do some network... (2 Replies)
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IP-TOKEN(8)							       Linux							       IP-TOKEN(8)

ip-token - tokenized interface identifer support SYNOPSIS
ip token { COMMAND | help } ip token { set } TOKEN dev DEV ip token { get } dev DEV ip token { list } DESCRIPTION
IPv6 tokenized interface identifer support is used for assigning well-known host-part addresses to nodes whilst still obtaining a global network prefix from Router advertisements. The primary target for tokenized identifiers are server platforms where addresses are usually manually configured, rather than using DHCPv6 or SLAAC. By using tokenized identifiers, hosts can still determine their network prefix by use of SLAAC, but more readily be automatically renumbered should their network prefix change [1]. Tokenized IPv6 Identifiers are described in the draft [1]: <draft-chown-6man-tokenised-ipv6-identifiers-02>. ip token set - set an interface token set the interface token to the kernel. Once a token is set, it cannot be removed from the interface, only overwritten. TOKEN the interface identifer token address. dev DEV the networking interface. ip token get - get the interface token from the kernel show a tokenized interface identifer of a particular networking device. Arguments: coincide with the arguments of ip token set but the TOKEN must be left out. ip token list - list all interface tokens list all tokenized interface identifers for the networking interfaces from the kernel. SEE ALSO
ip(8) AUTHOR
Manpage by Daniel Borkmann iproute2 28 Mar 2013 IP-TOKEN(8)