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Old 01-23-2002
Telnet no worky

i dont know why i bother to post here. noone ever responds anyway.. i guess im like the fool that always goes back to the pretty girl after being burned...

/* Using SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.5 */

I built a SCO server and everything seemed to be running ok.. So i started installing the sw packages and i eventually installed an configured Netscape FastTrack server. well, after i did that, i no longer go a login prompt when i telnet to the box.. nor to i get a login prompt when i ftp to it. i can ping to the machine, but not from it. also if i intitiate the telnet session from a windows box then run netstat, it shows i have an established connection..

any ideas... anyone... hello.. are you there.. are you even aware..

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Old 01-23-2002
I would guess you dont get many replies because there are not too many people on this board with extensive SCO experience (just a wild guess). SCO doesn't seem to be too popular. Anyway, as for your problem: if you can't ping out from the box then you have network problems and need to resolve those before you can tackle any other issues. Check your network setup including default gateway, etc. Ask your local network admin for the proper settings if you are unsure. Try to ping something on your own subnet, then something on a different subnet (beyond the router). Let us know how it goes...
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Old 01-23-2002
One thing.

If you think that a sw package caused your box to lose telnet and ftp, then I would uninstall the sw package that you think caused the problem and then test your telnet and ftp.

This Netscape package may have disabled your telnet and ftp somehow.

I don't know SCO but I do know some networking. Do you have netstat command on your box.

Since you can ping to the box and not from the box your default gateway may not be configured.

I saw another message about a file in /etc called defaultrouter or something like that.
Check and see.
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Old 01-23-2002
the more i look at this the less it makes sense..

i am able to browse the interent, and ftp and telnet from the box, so for me that kind rules out the gw.. i really have a strong feeling the the netscape fastTrack web server software is playing tricks with me.. i took a look in scoadmin software manager and was not able to remove the software that way, but ill keep looking.. thanks for your help.. ill let you know how it goes..

oh yeah.. i didnt see any defaultrouter files in the /etc dir.. but i am searching the rest of the drive as i type..

thanks again..

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Old 01-23-2002
it werks thanks

ok.. i got it to work.. i did two things at the same time so i dont know which one actually did it..

i added my dns ip addy to resolve.conf
then i did route add

everything seems to be aok now...

thanks for respoding to my post.
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