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Old 01-24-2002
There is a small utility called "papasmurf", which send IP [at least ICMP] with spoofed addresses, it myght be interesting to read it's source
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ATALK(4F)																 ATALK(4F)

atalk - AppleTalk protocol family SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <netatalk/at.h> DESCRIPTION
The AppleTalk protocol family is a collection of protocols layered above the Datagram Delivery Protocol (DDP), and using AppleTalk address format. The AppleTalk family may provide SOCK_STREAM (ADSP), SOCK_DGRAM (DDP), SOCK_RDM (ATP), and SOCK_SEQPACKET (ASP). Currently, only DDP is implemented in the kernel; ATP and ASP are implemented in user level libraries; and ADSP is planned. ADDRESSING
AppleTalk addresses are three byte quantities, stored in network byte order. The include file <netatalk/at.h> defines the AppleTalk address format. Sockets in the AppleTalk protocol family use the following address structure: struct sockaddr_at { short sat_family; u_char sat_port; struct at_addr sat_addr; char sat_zero[ 8 ]; }; The port of a socket may be set with bind(2). The node for bind must always be ATADDR_ANYNODE: ``this node.'' The net may be ATADDR_ANYNET or ATADDR_LATENET. ATADDR_ANYNET coresponds to the machine's ``primary'' address (the first configured). ATADDR_LATENET causes the address in outgoing packets to be determined when a packet is sent, i.e. determined late. ATADDR_LATENET is equivalent to opening one socket for each network interface. The port of a socket and either the primary address or ATADDR_LATENET are returned with getsockname(2). SEE ALSO
bind(2), getsockname(2), atalkd(8). netatalk 1.2 17 Dec 1991 ATALK(4F)