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Old 01-27-2001

I am not that great with unix yet, We use them to run our test equipnemt for work. I am now trying to set them all up on the same network (hub) Is there a way that you can make the Windows unit see the Unix Box? I can only transfer file through a FTP program from the Unix to windows. ( This all sounds stupid ) Is there a way that windows would see it under Network Neighborhood? I have no problem using WS FTP. But other people in the company have no clue. With it not being a FAT drive, I dont see how, but then again i could be wrong.

Thanks for any help, or suggestions.
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Old 01-28-2001

Try for all the info you need to get UNIX and Windows to share files. The following extract is from the samba readme file:


Here is a very short list of what samba includes, and what it does. For many networks this can be simply summarised by "Samba provides a complete replacement for Windows NT, Warp, NFS or Netware servers."

- a SMB server, to provide Windows NT and LAN Manager-style file and print services to SMB clients such as Windows 95, Warp Server, smbfs and others.

- a NetBIOS (rfc1001/1002) nameserver, which amongst other things gives browsing support. Samba can be the master browser on your LAN if you wish.

- a ftp-like SMB client so you can access PC resources (disks and printers) from unix, Netware and other operating systems

- a tar extension to the client for backing up PCs

- limited command-line tool that supports some of the NT administrative functionality, which can be used on Samba, NT workstation and NT server.

For a much better overview have a look at the web site at, and browse the user survey.
Also, this is a great book on Samba, the same one I used to set up Samba on our network:<CENTER>
<A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" border=0></a></CENTER>

Most of the info from the book can be found at the Samba site (in fact, I think the entire book is on-line). I went ahead and got it and found it was well worth it and a great addition to the lib. However, I'm pretty sure most of the info and book can be found at the Samba web site.

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Old 02-16-2001
FWIW, there is a more complete story on Samba here:

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