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Old 06-08-2011
Data Problem accessing my domain from some computers

I hope I'm posting this in the right forum...

Hi, I'm a newbie trying to set up my own home web server. I have an old laptop where I have a LAMP set up.

Virgin Media won't give me a static IP so I am using dyndns, my IP hasn't changed for months anyway...

So the problem is this...

The domain is . From within the same network connection I can access the domain no problems. From my mobile phone, on a different network I can also access the domain with no problems.

However, I cannot reach the domain from any other computer outside of the network. A friend of mine from Poland was able to, but in the UK I have tried 3-4 computers with no luck, all give the standard 'Could not reach this page' error message. I have tried prefacing the domain with http:// to make sure, no luck.

Also, I cannot access my IP which is (correct at time of posting, like I said it's not static). I can access it from my mobile and get the standard Apache page, as expected. I can also ping the IP and domain and get the correct response.

I thought at first it might be the DNS propagating slowly but it has been about 10 days now and I don't think that explains the direct IP not working anyway!

I would really appreciate any help anyone can give! If you need me to provide more information then let me know.

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Old 06-08-2011
The IP works, so this is not routing, it is pure DNS?

There are web sites where you can nslookup to verify the external view of your domain. It sounds like there is some flaw in the domain setup.

Is this a dynamically assigned IP? That's usually for clients, not servers.

PS: I use luc neijens CyberKit, got this for your NS:
   ID=47776, QR=Response, Opcode=QUERY, RCODE=NAME ERROR
   Authoritative Answer=No, Truncation=No
   Recursion Desired=Yes, Recursion Available=Yes
Question:, QTYPE=NS, QCLASS=1
Authority Records Section:
- Name=co
    Type=SOA, Class=1, TTL=900 (15 Minutes), RDLENGTH=56
    Refresh=900 (15 Minutes)
    Retry=900 (15 Minutes)
    Expire=604800 (7 Days)
    Minimum TTL=86400 (1 Day)

For my friends at, I see name servers!
   ID=48174, QR=Response, Opcode=QUERY, RCODE=NO ERROR
   Authoritative Answer=No, Truncation=No
   Recursion Desired=Yes, Recursion Available=Yes
Question:, QTYPE=NS, QCLASS=1
Answer Section:
    Type=NS, Class=1, TTL=7200 (2 Hours), RDLENGTH=6
    Type=NS, Class=1, TTL=7200 (2 Hours), RDLENGTH=6

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Old 06-09-2011
Thanks for the response.

The IP works from my mobile phone but not from any actual computer! Looking at the nslookup you posted, it seems you got co and uk the wrong way round.

I get this output, the nameservers are listed as zoneedit, which is what I set up.

 Non-authoritative answer: 
origin = 
mail addr = 
serial = 2011209080 
refresh = 2400 
retry = 360 
expire = 1209600 
minimum = 300 
Address: nameserver = nameserver =

So I still have the same issue....

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Old 06-12-2011
I'm still having problems as described above.

I can still access the domain from mobile devices and the machines on the server network, but no desktop computer outside of that. I think that I have Apache configured correctly as otherwise I would not be able to access it at all!

Is this a router issue? Could it be some setting which I have missed/not configured properly?

If any further information is required, please let me know. Thanks!
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Old 06-28-2011
This is no longer an issue.

It seems that it was simply the DNS propagating VERY slowly, more than 3 weeks to work from all my test machines (clearing caches all the way).

I guess a combo of the home server switching off a couple of times and the dynamic DNS slowed things down.
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Old 06-28-2011
It'd be nice if DHCP could be replaced/augmented with a sort of virtual clustered host, where one half of your cluster was you mobile PC, and the other half a virtual slice of a server, supporting the same IP and name all the time. We could call it a cloud or something. Smilie
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