do peers communicate via protocol?

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Old 11-05-2009
do peers communicate via protocol?

actual transmission path is physical layer. do peers in n layer communicate on any issue using n layer protocol with each other. as far as i know this communication is said to be virtual.
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fann_set_activation_function - Sets the activation function for supplied neuron and layer

bool fann_set_activation_function (resource $ann, int $activation_function, int $layer, int $neuron) DESCRIPTION
Set the activation function for neuron number neuron in layer number layer, counting the input layer as layer 0. It is not possible to set activation functions for the neurons in the input layer. When choosing an activation function it is important to note that the activation functions have different range. FANN_SIGMOID is e.g. in the 0 - 1 range while FANN_SIGMOID_SYMMETRIC is in the -1 - 1 range and FANN_LINEAR is unbound. The supplied activation_function value must be one of the activation functions constants. The return value is one of the activation functions constants. PARAMETERS
o $ann -Neural network resource. o $activation_function - The activation functions constant. o $layer - Layer number. o $neuron - Neuron number. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success, or FALSE otherwise. SEE ALSO
fann_set_activation_function_layer(3), fann_set_activation_function_hidden(3), fann_set_activation_function_output(3), fann_set_activa- tion_steepness(3), fann_get_activation_function(3). PHP Documentation Group FANN_SET_ACTIVATION_FUNCTION(3)