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Old 08-11-2009
Difference between Forwarding and routing

Hello everybody!,
I have a doubt about this, because when i set up a machine to forward packets with IP_FORWARD module, it just decreases the TTL, and forwards the packet to the target.

But when i use iptables filters and NAT, i have to disable ICMP Redirects, because other routers consider it a "router", and they send redirects to client hosts in the network.

In neither cases the host uses routing protocols or something like that, so, what's the difference between them? What does iptables or NAT do to make the other routers consider the host a "router" and what IP_FORWARD module does not?
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Route classifier in tc(8)					       Linux						 Route classifier in tc(8)

route - route traffic control filter SYNOPSIS
tc filter ... route [ from REALM | fromif TAG ] [ to REALM ] [ classid CLASSID ] [ action ACTION_SPEC ] DESCRIPTION
Match packets based on routing table entries. This filter centers around the possibility to assign a realm to routing table entries. For any packet to be classified by this filter, a routing table lookup is performed and the returned realm is used to decide on whether the packet is a match or not. OPTIONS
action ACTION_SPEC Apply an action from the generic actions framework on matching packets. classid CLASSID Push matching packets into the class identified by CLASSID. from REALM fromif TAG Perform source route lookups. TAG is the name of an interface which must be present on the system at the time of tc invocation. to REALM Match if normal (i.e., destination) routing returns the given REALM. EXAMPLES
Consider the subnet being attached to eth0: ip route add dev eth0 realm 2 The following route filter will then match packets from that subnet: tc filter add ... route from 2 classid 1:2 and pass packets on to class 1:2. NOTES
Due to implementation details, realm values must be in a range from 0 to 255, inclusive. Alternatively, a verbose name defined in /etc/iproute2/rt_realms may be given instead. SEE ALSO
tc(8), ip-route(8) iproute2 21 Oct 2015 Route classifier in tc(8)