problem with bridging!!! :(

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Old 08-07-2009
problem with bridging!!! :(

I have an UTM [Unified Thread Management] that has 4 ports. I was bridged two ports of it. my pc wired to one port and other one to network. Now I can ping my default gateway but it doesn't work(I haven't access to internet) even http of gateway, what happened? what route I should added?
Thanks in advance.Smilie
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natutil(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						natutil(8)

natutil -- Query and configure supported Network Address Translation (NAT) devices SYNOPSIS
natutil [-vx] [-a auth] [-n name] {-1 | -d | -m | -s | -i | -L} natutil [-vx] [-a auth] [-n name] {-t | -u} {-T | -U} -p ports DESCRIPTION
natutil uses the ACP protocol to detect, configure, and extract status information from Internet gateway devices (IGDs) (such as AirPort Base Stations) on the local network. Since most IGDs provide Network Address Translation (NAT) service, they are often interchangably referred to as "NAT devices" or simply "NATs". The first synopsis line (with the exception of -L) returns various information from NAT devices. The second invocation modifies settings on the device. After modifying settings, AirPort Base Stations must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. ( servermgrd(8) also reboots the AirPort Base Station when it modifies port mappings.) OPTIONS
The following options / commands are available: -1 Only return data if the IGD found is also our current gateway. [AirPort only] Will only return if this base station can be autocon- figured -a auth [AirPort only] The authentication string to use when communicating with a device protected with a password other than the default "public". Used mostly for scripted operation. Use -i to get the authentication string interactively. -i Get the authentication string interactively. This preferred over -a for security reasons. -d Reports the IGDs (Internet Gateway Devices) that were found during the discovery. -m Retrieves the port mapping table from the NAT. -n name The prefix of the targeted NAT device's name (useful in a LAN with multiple NAT devices). -p ports A comma-separated list of the ports to tap or untap. Must be used with -t or -u. -s Retrieves the WAN & LAN status and configuration from the IGD. -t Configures the NAT to forward the given ports to this machine. Requires -p and either -T or -U. -u Removes the given ports from the NAT's port forwarding rules. Requires -p and either -T or -U. -v Verbose output. Provides progress and status information on standard output. -x XML output. This option provides the most information. -L [AirPort only] Convert existing DHCP lease into a static reservation so the host will receive the same IP address after each reboot. -T Ports will be tapped / untapped for the TCP protocol. Must be used with -t or -u. -U Ports will be tapped / untapped for the UDP protocol. Must be used with -t or -u. SEE ALSO
ifconfig(8), ipconfig(8) Mac OS X Server 10.5 July 23, 2007 Mac OS X Server 10.5

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