POSTFIX - Filter Action for senders not specified in check_sender_access

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Old 07-27-2009
POSTFIX - Filter Action for senders not specified in check_sender_access

hi all.

Am using check_sender_access in to check sender email address.
i placed the senders and the action to take like this : FILTER smtp:10025 FILTER smtp:xxxx

I want to take a default action for senders not in this list.

allother_senders FILTER smtp:xxxx

can someone plz advise how can this be achieved ?
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Net::LDAP::Filter(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				    Net::LDAP::Filter(3pm)

Net::LDAP::Filter - representation of LDAP filters SYNOPSIS
use Net::LDAP::Filter; $filter = Net::LDAP::Filter->new( $filter_str ); DESCRIPTION
The Net::LDAP::Filter object lets you directly manipulate LDAP filters without worrying about the string representation and all the associated escaping mechanisms. CONSTRUCTOR
new ( FILTER ) Create a new object and parse FILTER. METHODS
parse ( FILTER ) Parse FILTER. The next call to ber will return this filter encoded. as_string Return the filter in text form. print ( [ FH ] ) Print the text representation of the filter to FH, or the currently selected output handle if FH is not given. FILTER SYNTAX
Below is the syntax for a filter given in RFC-2254 filter = "(" filtercomp ")" filtercomp = and / or / not / item and = "&" filterlist or = "|" filterlist not = "!" filter filterlist = 1*filter item = simple / present / substring / extensible simple = attr filtertype value filtertype = equal / approx / greater / less equal = "=" approx = "~=" greater = ">=" less = "<=" extensible = attr [":dn"] [":" matchingrule] ":=" value / [":dn"] ":" matchingrule ":=" value present = attr "=*" substring = attr "=" [initial] any [final] initial = value any = "*" *(value "*") final = value attr = AttributeDescription from Section 4.1.5 of RFC-2251 matchingrule = MatchingRuleId from Section 4.1.9 of RFC-2251 value = AttributeValue from Section 4.1.6 of RFC-2251 Special Character encodings --------------------------- * 2a, * ( 28, ( ) 29, ) 5c, \ NUL 0 SEE ALSO
Net::LDAP, Other online documentation ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
This document is based on a document originally written by Russell Fulton <>. AUTHOR
Graham Barr <> Please report any bugs, or post any suggestions, to the perl-ldap mailing list <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1997-2004 Graham Barr. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-01-29 Net::LDAP::Filter(3pm)