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How do I know what traffic is in network port?

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Special Forums UNIX and Linux Applications Infrastructure Monitoring How do I know what traffic is in network port?
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Old 02-18-2014
How do I know what traffic is in network port?

If I would like to know what connection , data , traffic in a network port ( eth0 ) , what can I do ?

ps. because I always found the network is very slow , so I would like what the network port is doing .

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netusage(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       netusage(1)

netusage -- Display traffic usage statistics about the network SYNOPSIS
netusage [--help] netusage commands [arguments ...] DESCRIPTION
The netusage program interfaces with symptomsd to display and manage network traffic usage statistics. As additional feature of this tool allows for looking up an application or process name using a Mach-O UUID or a PID. NETWORK STATISTICS COMMANDS
The following commands are used to provide different representations of network traffic usage statistics collected on the system. --all-traffic [-p] [-r] [-n name] [-s sortorder] [-d importfile] [-e exportfile] [--unitize] [--compact] [--interactive] [--interval seconds] Display a table listing the total ingress and egress network traffic usage for each application or process categorized by interface. A timestamp of when the first network traffic was observed is also shown. By default, only applications will be shown unless the -p flag is provided. -p Show a list that includes the combination of applications and processes. -r Force a database refresh before showing the list. -n name Only show the application or process matching name. -s sortorder Sort the list according the following available sort orders: t Sort by total network usage. (default) c Sort by cellular interface usage. w Sort by wi-fi interface usage. i Sort by wired interface usage. a Sort by awdl interface usage. e Sort by expensive interface usage. -d importfile Show a traffic usage comparison between the current values and the contents of the file at importfile. -e exportfile Save the current traffic usage values into exportfile. --unitize Show the table values in unitized format (eg. KB/MB/GB). --compact When showing a traffic usage comparison, only list the entries whose values have changed. --interactive Show a traffic usage table that periodically refresh and can be viewed interactively. When an update occurs, the usage value for the application or process that generated network traffic will appear emphasized. You can use the following com- mands to interact with the table. q Quit p Toggles the values between showing raw bytes and unitized format s Change the sort order of the columns r Redraw the screen h Show help Arrow Keys Scroll the list --interval seconds Set the periodic refresh interval to the specified number of seconds. The minimum value is 5 seconds, and the default interval is 15 seconds. (Only valid in interactive mode) MANAGEMENT COMMANDS
These commands are used to manage and reset the collected network traffic usage statistics. --reset-entry [-p] [-n name] Reset the network traffic usage statistics stored for a single entry. Use the -n flag (and optionally the -p flag) to specify the name of the entry. --unitize name Specify the name of the application to reset the network usage statistics. -p Specify a process name instead of an application name. --reset-all Reset the network traffic usage statistics for all the stored entries. OTHER COMMANDS
These are optional utility commands that are available to look up applications or processes. --resolve-uuid uuid Resolve the given mach-O uuid into an application identifier. --resolve-pid pid Resolve the given pid into an application identifier. Darwin May 31, 2019 Darwin

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