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Old 11-04-2002
Network OS Patch


I have to apply the patch PHSS_24302 on HPUX B.11.11 os version. When i look at the /var/adm/sw/swagentd.log it mentions that "this is not a valid depot". I downloaded the patch from HP web site. Please get back to me at the earliest as I'm dead in the water. Thanks,

Balaji K
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Old 11-04-2002
Patches downloaded from the HP website are usually in shar format. Attempt to register the depo:

swreg -l depot /full/path/to/file

If it registers now attempt to install from it:

swinstall -s /full/path/to/file \*

If it does not register it may be in shar format. View the file and if it contains stanzas informing the user of "cutting" below a specified line, then execute:

sh [file]

This should build the depot and an installation text file.

If all this fails then execute a checksum on the file and compare it with the checksum listed for the file on the HP website:

cksum [file]

If the checksums do not match the file is corrupt and requires re-downloading.
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Old 11-04-2002
use the TUI for swinstall

Use the TUI, for swinstall. At the prompt, just type swinstall. It will invoke the TUI and you can then locate the local directory and load it this way. It makes it much easier to use the TUI. Or if you can export your display, use the GUI.

export DISPLAY= (your IP ending with ":0" )

swinstall &

Also, its possible that your download is bad. I would download it again just to be sure.

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Old 11-04-2002
I see that this is a superceded patch, but I'll ignore that. To patch a system, don't guess around at the commands. Follow the instructions...

An excerpt from PHSS_24302.txt
Patch Package Size: 670 KBytes

Installation Instructions:
Please review all instructions and the Hewlett-Packard
SupportLine User Guide or your Hewlett-Packard support terms
and conditions for precautions, scope of license,
restrictions, and, limitation of liability and warranties,
before installing this patch.
1. Back up your system before installing a patch.

2. Login as root.

3. Copy the patch to the /tmp directory.

4. Move to the /tmp directory and unshar the patch:

cd /tmp
sh PHSS_24302

5. Run swinstall to install the patch:

swinstall -x autoreboot=true -x patch_match_target=true \
-s /tmp/PHSS_24302.depot

By default swinstall will archive the original software in
/var/adm/sw/save/PHSS_24302. If you do not wish to retain a
copy of the original software, include the patch_save_files
option in the swinstall command above:

-x patch_save_files=false

WARNING: If patch_save_files is false when a patch is installed,
the patch cannot be deinstalled. Please be careful
when using this feature.

For future reference, the contents of the PHSS_24302.text file is
available in the product readme:

swlist -l product -a readme -d @ /tmp/PHSS_24302.depot

To put this patch on a magnetic tape and install from the
tape drive, use the command:

dd if=/tmp/PHSS_24302.depot of=/dev/rmt/0m bs=2k

Special Installation Instructions: None
After step 4 you will a copy of text file that you have been ignoring. I suggest that you read it.
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