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Operating Systems HP-UX Add printer using hppi
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Old 02-21-2008
Question Add printer using hppi

I would like to add printer using hppi. The printer is shared by windows print server and the IP address is shown as
(IP using printer port 1)

I have added printer with IP, but it shows errors for print test.

Sending a test file to 4050SA ...

(Wait for long time, and finally I quit by Ctrl-C)
Result: An error occurred in sending the file to 4050SA!
Possible reasons:
printer is offline; printer is busy in printing other jobs, ....

Was it casued by the invalid config for printer port? If so, how can I add printer by hppi to specific port 1?
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Old 02-25-2008
What do call adding printer.. to port1?
Is it : a printer connected directly to a pc (on port 1)?
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Old 02-28-2008
No. There are 3 printers connected to a printer server (it is hardware designed and the size of it is just like a hub) and then the printer server is connected to windows printer server.

printer server -------printer server(hardware) ---Printer A (using port1)
| |-Printer B (using port2)
| |-Printer C (using port3)
|---many printer server

Printer A,B and C shared the same IP address, but I can still identify them by printer port number.
For example, in windows, it shows:
Printer A:
Printer B:
Printer B:

So, how can I idenitify them in hp-ux?
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Old 02-28-2008
I may be wrong .. bat from what I understand:
you have a printserver box connected to your lan (yes?) with ip 10.x.x.x..., that box has 3 ports to 3 printers , now what I dont understand is /what/how/why/ it is connected to a another printserver, windows this time...
But point 1, hpnpl - hppi is for hp lan printservers that is all jetdirect stuff whether its in the HP printer or a separate device... So unless yor device is a Jetdirect box there will be little chance of success...
Your alternative is by using SAM ->printer ... and configure a remote printer
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