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Operating Systems HP-UX BT-Basic Read File
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Old 02-21-2008
Tools BT-Basic Read File

I'm a real newby to BT-Basic and I have this task at hand.

I have to input a user name and password in a BT-Basic program. I would like to compare this input to a name list in root and if found, continue. If not loop back to the input.

I have this:

Oper_Id_Prompt$ = "Enter ID"
print using """"&Oper_Id_Prompt$&""",#"
input "",Oper$

Oper_Pass_Prompt$ = "Enter Password"
print using """"&Oper_Pass_Prompt$&""",#"
input "",Pass$

I also have a file called "users" in root with lines of text:

I would like to read this file for a legal user and password and continue if found, loop back to Oper_Id_Prompt$ = "Enter ID" if not found.

I'm not sure how to open/close/read files and build arrays in this BT-Basic.

Can one of you gurus give me a "snippet" or some advise?

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Old 02-21-2008
I figured it out.....
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