reducing /usr HP-UX 11i

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Operating Systems HP-UX reducing /usr HP-UX 11i
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Old 01-24-2008
reducing /usr HP-UX 11i


I've entered the HP-UX 11i server in single user mode, and increased the filesystem /usr by mistake using

lvextend -l 3092 /dev/vg00/lvol7
extendfs /dev/vg00/rlvol7

I put small letter "l" instead of "L".
and as a result of this mistake the /usr take all the free space in the volume group.

I don't have onlineJFS to make online reduce.
and i've a plenty of space at other file system.

this server is hp-blade which means i don't have cdr-rom, tape.

any idea how to reduce the /usr without using onlineJFS or reinstalling OS?

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Old 01-24-2008
As root Copy the filesystem in another one e.g.
cd /usr; find. -print| cpio -dpuml /<backup-copy-filesystem>
Ah but you did an extendfs...
So when you say you have plenty of space on another filesytem do you mean you have no more free PE ?
Which case you will have to do the above to where you have room:
cd /;
find usr -depth|cpio -xdump /<where you can spare the space>
umount /dev/vg00/lvol7;
I imagine now you have not much choice:
rmdir /usr
ln -s /<where you copied usr> /usr

And now test!!

If all is fine and works
You will have to remove the logical volume and recreate it then do the copy the other way round by mounting lvol7 on lets say /usr2 in order to do the transfer then remove the link and mount lvol7 on /usr (dont forget the mkdir...)

Good luck
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Old 02-14-2008
You mean that we run this command in single user mode or multimode? One more thing. From the commands that you give, is this possible to aplly for lvreduce also?

cd /;
find usr -depth|cpio -xdump /<where you can spare the space>
umount /dev/vg00/lvol7;
I imagine now you have not much choice:
rmdir /usr
ln -s /<where you copied usr> /usr
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