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Old 11-22-2005
HPUX runs on Itaniums now as well(although i really do not recommend these systems), the processor type on 95% of the HPUX machines is PA-RISC.

10.20 was not very y2k friendly you will want to be running 11.00 r2 or better. It is not technically supported on 7xx era machines but I have run it perfectly fine even on old Apollo workstations.
Bang for the buck get yourself and older J or C class, If you get one of these note that many do NOT come with an X capable video card(although they can easily be found cheap). Typically any of the workstations with visualize in the title will.

Here is a machine I just bought myself for home it cost $363 US:
9000/J5000 Visualize Workstation w/ 2 x 440MHz PA-RISC 8500 CPU's
512MB, 120MHz SDRAM (1 x 512MB Memory Module)
1 x 18GB Ultra2 Wide LVD SCSI 10k RPM Disk Drive
1 x 9GB Ultra2 Wide LVD SCSI 10k RPM Disk Drive
1 x FX4 Graphics Card w/ video adapter
32x max CD-ROM Drive
110v Power Cord (USA/Canada)
HP-UX 10.20, 11.00, or 11i Operating system pre-loaded to the boot drive

Its pretty sweet


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Old 11-22-2005
Actually, for Midrange systems, Itanium is a very small step up for Pa-risc boxes and a very robust improvement.

For newer Cell-based systems, it is only a matter of replacing the CPU and upgrading the firmware and a few other modifications. If you have an older cell-based box, its better to buy the new hardware... upgrading would be difficult without gutting an older superdome or keystone.

I just had a class from HP regarding HPUX 11i v2 which was very enlightening... 11i v2 (11.23) is a vast improvement over 11i v1.

Of course, Midrange boxes arent good for personal use! Smilie
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Old 11-23-2005
This is true at the 54xx/74xxlevel you will see very little difference and there is a slight improvement in processor performance. The initial Itanium machines 8440's.I was sent as test models all had a very nasty Cell Board issue when Npar'd. We never kept them. also shipped back the itanium version of the 4440 as it would randomly panic...all these issues have since been addressed it seems
The new processors are not interchangable with PARISC, they are diff motherboards and chipsets as well, HP had promised they would be even back in the N/V/L era but it never came to fruition. I see they even have Itanium superdomes nowSmilie
O yes the itanium machines are a nice grey color too! much better than the standard HP "Quartz" color Smilie

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