HP-UX 11.11: X doesn't recognize mouse and keyboard

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Operating Systems HP-UX HP-UX 11.11: X doesn't recognize mouse and keyboard
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Old 09-18-2007
HP-UX 11.11: X doesn't recognize mouse and keyboard

hi folks,
i've got a blank hp visualize C3000 workstation and installed HP-UX 11.11. When I want to start X, I get the following error message:
# X
Fatal server error:
Couldn't open X pointer device!  Is one attached?

I've connected an mouse and a keyboard with an usb/ps2 connector. ioscan lists them:
H/W Path       Class                     Description
10             ioa                       System Bus Adapter (582)
10/0               ba                    Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/0/12/0                lan             HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
10/0/13/0                audio           Built-in Audio
10/0/14/0                ext_bus         IDE
10/0/14/0.0                 target
10/0/14/0.0.0                  disk      MATSHITACD-ROM CR-594
10/0/14/0.7                 target
10/0/14/0.7.0                  ctl       Initiator
10/0/14/1                ba              PCI Core I/O Adapter
10/0/14/1/1                 tty          Built-in RS-232C
10/0/14/1/2                 tty          Built-in RS-232C
10/0/14/1/3                 ext_bus      Built-in Parallel Interface
10/0/14/2                usb             Built-in USB Interface
10/0/14/2.1                 usbhub       USB Root Hub
10/0/14/2.1.2                  usbhid    USB HID Kbd(0) Mouse(1)
10/0/15/0                ext_bus         SCSI C896 Ultra Narrow Single-Ended
10/0/15/0.7                 target
10/0/15/0.7.0                  ctl       Initiator
10/0/15/1                ext_bus         SCSI C896 Ultra2 Wide LVD
10/0/15/1.6                 target
10/0/15/1.6.0                  disk      SEAGATE ST39102LC
10/0/15/1.7                 target
10/0/15/1.7.0                  ctl       Initiator
10/1               ba                    Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/4               ba                    Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/6               ba                    Local PCI Bus Adapter (782)
10/6/2/0                 graphics        PCI Display (103c1008)
32             processor                 Processor
49             memory                    Memory

can somebody help me?

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Old 09-19-2007
Originally Posted by grisu
I've connected an mouse and a keyboard with an usb/ps2 connector.
Try using a standard PS/2 mouse.

USB to PS2 connectors aren't reliable, eg they don't work on my KVM.
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Old 09-19-2007
The C3000 Workstation has only USB-connetors. There are no PS/2 Connectors. I tried a native usb-mouse but it was the same problem. The keyboard(with usb-ps/2) works fine in console-mode.
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Old 09-19-2007
Originally Posted by grisu
There are no PS/2 Connectors.
Oh dear. Look through the supported hardware list then.
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Old 09-19-2007
I found nothing usefull on the hp websites. I only got the blank machine, without software, without keyboard, without mouse, without anything else. I was happy to get the Software an now this. I allready used linux but the FX4 grahpics isn't supported by Xorg.
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Old 09-21-2007
My HP J5000 supports almost any USB keyboard and mouse (even Microsoft USB mouse is working Smilie).
Don't use PS/2 to USB convertors. Buy normal USB keyboard and mouse.
J5000 is a big brother of C3000. Even on standard PC you way have problems with such convertors...

I checked my system with Silver Line USB mouse and keyboard, Genius keyboard and Microsoft mouse. Everything is working perfectly.
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