Unable to compile ANSI compatible code on HP-UX

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Operating Systems HP-UX Unable to compile ANSI compatible code on HP-UX
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Old 10-05-2001
Network Unable to compile ANSI compatible code on HP-UX

my HP-UX - 10.2 compiler doesnt appear to support ANSI style of coding. On compiling my C code, it flags error messages like

error 1705: Function prototypes are an ANSI Feature

Is it a generic problem with the HP compiler or do I need to use some special switches on the command line for compling my code??

Thanx in advance,

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Old 10-05-2001
I don't think HP C is ANSI compliant. I'm not sure if they offer it as an add-on package. You could always check out <a href="http://gcc.gnu.org">GCC</a> as a widely-used replacement...
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Old 10-05-2001
The free compiler that comes bundled with hp-ux is basicly just a k&r c. There is a separate c package that they sell that gives you full ansi c.
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Old 10-05-2001

I think if you want to compile with Ansi C, then there is a compiler aCC... just type the following in the prompt....
$>type aCC

if you are able to get the path, then
$><PATH> <filename>.C

and it will compile the way u want

also if u could give the program, probably could find the actual reason such an error
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Old 10-05-2001
I am using an aCC-1.23 compiler for compiling this code. Still is doesnt help much. An the code I am try to compile is the GDB source downloaded from GNU site for HP-UX. So, I dont expect errors in the code either.
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Old 10-05-2001

If it is a source code by GNU, then there is all the possibility that there is a file called makefile...
if that exists, then all you have to do is...
$>make makefile

and it will compile for you....
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Old 10-05-2001
In my experience the HP compilers are pretty worthless. Download and install the HP-UX version of gcc from here:

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