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Compile samba with krb5


heimdal, samba

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Old Unix and Linux 02-22-2014   -   Original Discussion by Linusolaradm1
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Compile samba with krb5

./configure   --prefix=/opt/samba   --libdir=/opt/samba/lib   --bindir=/opt/samba/bin   --sbindir=/opt/samba/sbin   --mandir=/opt/samba/man   --sysconfdir=/etc/opt/samba   --with-configdir=/etc/opt/samba   --with-piddir=/var/opt/samba/locks   --with-privatedir=/etc/opt/samba/private   --localstatedir=/var/opt/samba   --with-lockdir=/var/opt/samba/locks   --with-swatdir=/opt/samba/swat   --with-logfilebase=/var/opt/samba/log/  --enable-cups   --enable-external-libtalloc=no   --enable-static=no   --enable-shared=yes   --with-acl-support=yes   --with-automount   --with-quotas   --with-syslog   --with-utmp   --with-libsmbclient   --with-winbind   --with-ldap   --with-krb5=base-dir=/opt/krb5client   --with-ads CPPFLAGS='-I/opt/krb5client/include' LDFLAGS=' -L /opt/krb5client/lib'

Compile not ok
Exit with error "can't find lgssapi"
Any suggestion?
With heimdal compile fine,but when i try to join ads
cannot find KDC.

---------- Post updated at 07:16 PM ---------- Previous update was at 06:20 PM ----------

Compiling smbd/msg_idmap.c
Linking bin/smbd
ld: Can't find library for -lgssapi
Fatal error.
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile:1781: recipe for target 'bin/smbd' failed

The error
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Old Unix and Linux 03-18-2014   -   Original Discussion by Linusolaradm1
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You need a file named libgssapi.sl/.so that is readable and executable or libgssapi.a that is readable in any dir under directive -L or the usual places (/lib, /usr/lib). You can get binaries from the UK Hp repository HP-UX Porting and Archiving Centre | Home It seems to be a kerberos lib: User mailing list for Subversion. Please post all usage questions here.
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