[Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC

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Operating Systems HP-UX [Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC
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Old 08-27-2013
[Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC

Howdy folks, in keeping my servers patched up to date, I normally use the swainv shell script to generate inventory.xml, upload it to ITRC for patch analysis, and then download the recommended bundle.

I have a whole bunch of 11.31 servers that are not internet-connected now, but I do have the latest March 2013 media on DVD (I think the last time I patched these was in early 2012). My question for the group, is whether it's possible to get these servers patched up to date using these DVD discs? Is there some way to do a patch analysis and install any applicable patches or updates that are present on the DVD media?

This would save me a lot of time, vs. manually moving all the inventory.xml files to an internet-connected machine, and then having to move the large patch bundles back onto the isolated servers.

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Old 09-06-2013
Just following up, I found the answer. Insert and mount cd. then "swinstall -s /cdrom". Then Actions-> "Match what target has". Then Install. The analysis phase will skip over any that are already the same version, and only install things that are updates.
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Old 09-08-2013
If you are managing alot of HPUX server, i would advise to use HP-SIM with software assistant, it's free.

Also, make a depot repository on one of your HPUX machines, since it will simplify patch deployment and machine backup over your internal network.

So it's (simplified) INTERNET < HPSIM <> YOUR HPUX HOSTS.

Hope that helps

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