struct utsname throwing error : Value too large to be stored in data type

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Operating Systems HP-UX struct utsname throwing error : Value too large to be stored in data type
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Old 06-15-2011
struct utsname throwing error : Value too large to be stored in data type

I am trying to fetch sysname and nodename using struct utsname. I have two HP-UX servers on with 10 characters and other with 13 characters host name. For the first one I am getting truncated 8 characters as output but for the second one i am getting "Value too large to be stored in data type" error. Why this is so ?
What should I do to avoid getting this error ?

Here is the sample code which I am using :

int main()
struct utsname uts;

if(uname(&uts) != -1)
printf("\n sysname :%s",uts.sysname);
printf("\n nodename :%s",uts.nodename);
printf( "Error fetching uname: %s\n", strerror( errno ) );
perror( "Error fetching uname :" );
return 0;

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Old 06-15-2011
It's not supposed to do that: uname(2)
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