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Old 08-03-2001
MC ServiceGaurd

I was just asked if I had any experience with MC ServiceGuard with HP-UX, when I used HP I didn't use it but I am curious about it and would like to see about learning it (it seems lots of HP jobs want experience with it.) Also is this a HP product or is it used on other types of *nix. Thanks for any help.
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Old 08-03-2001
Service guard is an evolution of earlier HP products such as Switchover UX..... This is an HP high-availability product suite. My experience was with this almost 7 years ago; not sure what is the current buzz and state-of-the-state with HP. Anyone?
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Old 08-03-2001
MC ServiceGuard is still at the forefront of HP-UX's high availability software, it has been developed to the point where (providing hardware behaves itself) it can provide 99.999% availability when spreading a service across two service guarded machines.

It's quite a sophisticated product, providing a double heartbeat between nodes to monitor machine availability in a cluster and has a whole host of cluster wide and node specific configurable parameters - HP's course covers 5 days. It works from the entry level A class server through to the top end Superdome, as well as on workstations (although the reasoning behind it's application there would be somewhat baffling).

The product does not pretend to create fault tolerant machines, I think fault tolerance in the strict sense of the word is something yet to be attained on servers, and the domain of the mainframe - but it does guarantee high availibilty and with most service level agreements providing for scheduled maintenence downtime a high availability cluster that is service guarded can provide a near fault tolerant environment by allowing services to be flipped from node to node as the sectrions of the cluster is worked on for maintenance.

It's a great product, I would recommend learning it. I am on the course next week Smilie

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Old 08-06-2001

It's a great product when configured right. And that's exactly where alot of MC/SG clusters seem to topple over. You'd also better be pretty good with shell scripting because the basic MC/SG framework doesn't over much more than a high available OS. Integrating 3rd party applications is the real fun of things.
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Old 08-07-2001

Can anyone tell me anything about MC ServiceGuard?
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Old 08-07-2001
Didn't you just post this a few days ago?
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Old 08-07-2001
MC/SG is software to build an unix cluster on hpux. You can monitor hardware and software errors. In case of SW failures MC/SG restart(on same server) or switch the application to adapt node in cluster configuration(same on HW failures). The heartbeat monitor the cluster itself.

For more information check:


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