11.31 System Memory too high

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Operating Systems HP-UX 11.31 System Memory too high
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Old 09-29-2009
11.31 System Memory too high

Hello, I noticed very high system memory utilization on my new 11.31 Itanium systems. System memory is more than 11GB on 32 GB system. Comparing this to 11.23 it's more than double ... How do I find out what is using it? Is there a way to reduce it?
Thank you,
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Old 09-29-2009

First of all there is no memory in Unix. Please refer to it as space.

1) For checking the disk space first give the df -kh command and look for the file system that is occupying max space.

2) Give du -k file system with max space consumption to check for which file or folder is occupying max space.

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Old 09-29-2009
What do you see when you type swapinfo -tam?
Some java / firefox/mozilla running?
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Old 09-29-2009
this is the output

# swapinfo -tam
dev 32768 2362 30406 7% 0 - 1 /dev/vg00/lvol2
dev 8000 0 8000 0% 0 - 2 /dev/vg00/swap2
reserve - 15676 -15676
memory 31139 21918 9221 70%
total 71907 39956 31951 56% - 0 -

as far as filesystem space, they are less than 50% utilized ...

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Old 09-30-2009
Try to found wich proccesses are takeing up heavy memory with glance or top and maybe you will discover a proccesses wich are causing this issue.

I my servers I discovered a few proccesses (3rd party) wich give some problems in 11.31 and worked fine in 11.23.
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