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TWS 8.4 on HP-UX - lookups?

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Operating Systems HP-UX TWS 8.4 on HP-UX - lookups?
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Old 09-15-2009
TWS 8.4 on HP-UX - lookups?

Just wondering if anyone else is using IBM's TWS on HP-UX 11.11i. Seeing some very strange name-lookup issues when it comes to using various utilities on the system. The same software works fine o0n AIX, Linux, Solaris, etc, but on HP-UX there is noticeable time lags in issuing commands - at the shell level. For example, trying to execute conman type commands, can hang for a minute or more before coming back. if you sniff the net while this is "waiting" you see lots of DNS requests that don't seem to make sense.

This is TWS 8.4 and just wondering if there are others out there using this slightly older release (because of support issues) on HP.


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nsquery(1)						      General Commands Manual							nsquery(1)

nsquery - query the Name Service Switch backend libraries SYNOPSIS
lookup_type lookup_query [lookup_policy] DESCRIPTION
is used to find the Name Service that returned the response to a or function call. This application is Name Service Switch aware and fol- lows the lookup policies in The supported lookup_type values are: Used to resolve host name or IP Address lookups. Used to resolve user name or UID lookups. Assumes that a numeric value is a UID. This option is to be obsoleted. Use and instead. Used to resolve user name lookups. Used to resolve UID lookups. Used to resolve group name or GID lookups. Assumes that a numeric value is a GID. This option is to be obsoleted. Use and instead. Used to resolve group name lookups. Used to resolve GID lookups. Used to resolve host name or IP Address lookups. Only IPv6 and IPv4-mapped IPv6 address will be displayed for host name lookups. The lookup_query can either be a host name, IP Address (IPv4 only), user name, user ID, group name, or group ID. The lookup_policy must be a valid lookup policy described in nsswitch.conf(4). If the policy is invalid, the system default policy will be used. The default values for lookup_policy are: dns [NOTFOUND=return] nis [NOTFOUND=return] files files nis files nis dns [NOTFOUND=return] files will display the lookup policy being used, the name of the service being queried, and the result of the query. EXAMPLES
Lookup host hondo using the default hosts lookup policy. Lookup host with ip address using "dns files" as the hosts lookup policy. Lookup user dog using "ldap" as the passwd lookup policy. Lookup user ID 105 using the default passwd lookup policy. Lookup group wayne using group lookup policy "nis [NOTFOUND=RETURN] files". Lookup group 22 using the default group lookup policy. Lookup host rio using "dns" as the ipnodes lookup policy. RETURN VALUE
returns the following values: Success. Invalid Usage. Unknown Action. No match found in any name services queried. WARNINGS
The and lookup_type values are to be obsoleted. For use or instead. For use or instead. AUTHOR
was developed by Hewlett-Packard. SEE ALSO
nsswitch.conf(4). nsquery(1)

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