SCP not preserving properties, no rsync ?

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Operating Systems HP-UX SCP not preserving properties, no rsync ?
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Old 08-06-2009
SCP not preserving properties, no rsync ?

I'm trying to get a number of old disks on HP-UX 10.2 copied over to a new Debian machine which has a NAS on it.

The HP does not have rsync, but does have scp. Scp unfortunately does not always preserve permissions, and does not save links which were on the disk.

Apparently rsync has a flag for saving links as is.. Does anybody know if there is any flag for scp to do that (Not in the man pages..)

Otherwise, has anybody here used rsync on HP-UX 10.2 ? Any problems with it?

Thanks in advance!!

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PS: scp -rp is what I've tried.. Does not always save permissions, ownership or group..

Anybody have experience with rsync on HP-UX ?

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Old 08-06-2009
The group and user numbers on the source have to exist on the destination side.
ie., username joe 1142:206 has to exist on the other side for scp -p to work fully. scp -p will keep the existing mode bits straight regardless.

rsync at the porting centre:
Porting And Archive Centre For HP-UX

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Consider reading the ftp RFP's -

421 means the server on the remote side closed the connection. This doesn't happen by accident. There is always a reason. The most usual reason is a timeout limit on connections imposed on the remote side.

try something like this:
for file in myfiles*
ftp -n <<EOF >> ftplog
OPEN somenode
USER username pswd
cd /somewhere
put $file

one at a time.
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Old 08-06-2009
Thanks, the user and group IDs (in sync) do exist on the other side..
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