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Daily averages...

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Old 05-08-2015
Daily averages...

I have date file like below..
1995   1       2      10      29      38.6706     -6.53823      41.9201
1995   1       2      10      29     -49.2477     -4.59733      17.2704
1995   1       2      10      29     -49.2369     -4.48045      8.61348
1995   1       3       8       48     -42.2643     -5.37043      28.9973
1995   1       3       8      48     -33.9019     -4.26548      90.1121

where columns are year, month, day, hour, minute log_val, lat_val, area. I want to find the daily average of area and the output should be like
1995 1 2 10 29 22.601

and so on. how to do using awk or some other linux commands ?

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Moderator's Comments:
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It makes it far easier to read and preserves multiple spaces where that is important to fixed width output.

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Old 05-08-2015
Is this a homework assignment?

What have you tried so far?
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Old 05-10-2015
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Mod Comment Until the question about this being a homework item is resolved; please do not post ways to solve this problem.

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