Calculating Total and Averages with awk Commands & Scripts

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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Calculating Total and Averages with awk Commands & Scripts
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Old 04-01-2014
Try moving your field separator variable to the beginning of your BEGIN block instead and then try using $6 instead of $NF.

print"Department Workers TotalSalary Average"

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Old 04-05-2014
@RedJohn : I guess you must have finished your homework now, see below using array you can improve your code,

awk -F, '{

	    dash = sprintf("%0*d", 50, 0);gsub(/0/,"-",dash)

	    print "DEPARTMENTS & SALARIES\nDepartment","Workers","TotalSalary","Average\n"dash

             for(i in Dep_sal )
		print i,Dep_cnt[i],Dep_sal[i],Dep_sal[i]/Dep_cnt[i]
		total_worker += Dep_cnt[i]
		total_salary += Dep_sal[i] 
	     print dash"\nGRAND TOTAL",total_worker,total_salary,total_salary/total_worker

         }' OFS='\t' yourfile

$ ./tester
Department	Workers	TotalSalary	Average
 SRT	3	4600	1533.33
 CUS	4	6600	1650
 CIS	3	4000	1333.33
GRAND TOTAL	10	15200	1520

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