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Homework and Emergencies Homework & Coursework Questions Help with cut and sort
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Old 09-13-2009
Help with cut and sort

andan100:Anders:Andersson:800101-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:berbe101:Bertil:Bertilsson:800102-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
The top is how it looks right now I want it t look
like this under and I want it to be sorted. I have tried with cut -f -d studenter.txt and so on but it still doesnt work can anybody helop me?? plz
andan100 Andersson,Andersberbe101 Bertilsson,Bertil
It need to be called like this:

abcde123_uppgift2 studenter.txt

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Old 09-13-2009
Unable to understand the requirement exactly, anyway use cut with delimiter and required fields as,

cut -d':' -f1,2,9.. FILENAME

If you come up again, kindly explain what you tried also.
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Old 09-13-2009
i have a document that shows

xerxi124:Xerxes:Xi:800124-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
ostov129:Íster:Íverbliven:800129-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
cecca102:Cecilia:Carlsson:800103-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
perpe115:Per:Persson:800116-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
louli111:Louise:Linghed:760112-1234:TNDDD_3:TDDA01 TDDB81 TDDB80:
erier104:Erik:Eriksson:800105-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:

I only want the loginname and the name, for example
erier104:Erik:Eriksson:800105-1234:TNCCC_1:TDDB46 TDDB80:
should be
erier104 Erik,Eriksson

I've done
cut -f 1,2,3 -d : sort : studenter.txt (studenter.txt is the file name)
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