Vdump of two filesystems

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Old 08-16-2002
Vdump of two filesystems

Dear Experts,

Is it possible to take a backup of two file systems using a single vdump command?

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Old 08-16-2002
Look at this site...


It says

The vdump and rvdump commands are the backup facility for the AdvFS file system. However, the commands are file-system independent, and you can use them to back up other file systems, such as UFS and NFS.

Hope this is of some help to you...

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Old 08-16-2002
If you mean dump two filesystems ( /usr and /data) then no since the restore of such a dump would not know where to put it.

one dump containing two different filesystems - the restore would have to be able to specify two locations to restore to. It can't.

You can run either a script to dump different filesystem to the same tape with multiple vdump commands - each would still be separate.
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Old 03-17-2005
Question vdump 2 file systems

I did use 2 vdump command lines to backup 2 file systems. According to the backup log, both file systems get backed up. However, when I did a vrestore -i, I can only see the first file system. Please help!!

Wilson Chung

vdump script:
/sbin/vdump -D -U -C -N -u -v -f /dev/rmt0h /backup/data/misc
/sbin/vdump -D -U -C -u -v -f /dev/rmt0h /home/wilson
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Old 03-21-2005
You would have to skip the first to go to the second OR just do the command twice to get to the second (both are assuming you will use the norewind option). See the man page for mt (look for fsf {file skip forward}) and vrestore. Check the options on both for norewind.
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