pls hlp: making .sh files executable

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Old 07-28-2002
pls hlp: making .sh files executable

I've got a file named containing the following:

--- begin file contents ---
#! /bin/csh
echo I\'m running!
java -cp jdictd.jar org.dict.server.JDictd data/dict.ini
# Use the following line instead if JRE 1.1 is used
# jre -cp jdictd.jar org.dict.server.JDictd data/dict.ini
---end file contents ---

The attributes are set as follows:
-rwxrwxrwx 1 ropers staff 198 Jul 28 22:02

I am trying to just execute the file by typing:

at the tcsh prompt and it doesn't work.
If I type:


it does work however.
Any ideas?

- tried this w/ both tcsh and bash
- running FreeBSD/Mach/Darwin/MacOSX on G3 PPC
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Old 07-29-2002
What message do you get when the script doesn't work?

If it's ' not found' it's probably down to the directory your in not being part of the paths defined in your profile.

You can execute it by typing . ./ , or add the directory to your profile or move to a directory in your profile.

The reason it works when you type tcsh is because you are starting a new shell to run & this shell then looks in the directory you are in to find
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Old 07-29-2002

thanks - that worked :-)
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