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Old 05-16-2002
Difference DSK RDSK

COuld you please telle me the diffrence between DSK and RDSK with exemple if possible...
Thanks a lot in advance.
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Old 05-16-2002
DSK is a block device path for Ex; /dev/dsk RDSK is a raw device path /dev/rdsk those are the standard solaris filesystem. Is this what you are looking for..?
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Old 05-16-2002
When a process sends requests to a rdsk type special file, it is talking directly to the driver. A read or a write goes directly to or from device. Reads and writes must be aligned on DEV_BSIZE boundaries or the results are undefined.

When a process sends requests to a dsk type special file, it is talking to high level os routines. A read or write goes to or from the buffer cache. If needed, the os will read new data into the buffer cache. There are no alignment restrictions. You can read or write any collection of bytes anywhere on the device. The os will send aligned requests to the driver, but this is hidden from the process. I/O requests that arise from accesses to a dsk type special file enter the driver via its strategy entry point, not the read and write entry points. The driver may resequence the requests to optimize overall performance.
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Old 05-16-2002
Ok thanks for your help but from a point of view, what can be a few simple words to explain (non technicly) the difference ...

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Old 05-16-2002
Ummm...that was the simple explanation.

The difference between and dsk and rdsk is a technical subject. There is no way to explain the difference non technically.
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Old 05-16-2002
ok thanks again for the explanation ...
If someone could tell me concernign dsk and rdsk something more technical (or an url to read...) That could be clear to understand for exemple :
1) what means the dsk and rdsk directory ?
2) how are they usefull to administrate a machine ?
3) how using the for an administrator ?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Old 01-23-2006
Differences between RDSK and DSK

I had the same question and found this link while searching for an answer.

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