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Old 10-01-2009

Hello Guys,

This is solaris 8 and VXFS= 5.0,REV=5.0A55_sol.

For some reason I find Disk_7 and Disk_8 is showing disk c2t3d0, as below (notice first 2 lines)

bash-2.03# cat /etc/vx/disk.info
HITACHI%5FDK32EJ36NSUN36G%5FDISKS%5FHITACHI%20DK32EJ-36NC%20%20%20%20%20435B6497 c2t3d0 0x4440048 0x2 Disk_7 Disk DISKS
HITACHI%5FDK32EJ36NSUN36G%5FDISKS%5FHITACHI%20DK32EJ-36NC%20%20%20%20%20435J6553 c2t3d0 0x4440040 0x2 Disk_8 Disk DISKS
HITACHI%5FDK32EJ36NSUN36G%5FDISKS%5FHITACHI%20DK32EJ-36NC%20%20%20%20%2043536259 c2t5d0 0x4440038 0x2 Disk_9 Disk DISKS
SEAGATE%5FST373207LSUN72G%5FDISKS%5F303630393334345A43570000 c1t0d0 0x4440000 0x2 Disk_0 Disk DISKS
FUJITSU%5FMAP3367N%20SUN36G%5FDISKS%5F00N05W5D%20%20%20%20 c2t0d0 0x4440008 0x2 Disk_1 Disk DISKS
FUJITSU%5FMAP3367N%20SUN36G%5FDISKS%5F00N05W0R%20%20%20%20 c2t2d0 0x4440010 0x2 Disk_2 Disk DISKS
FUJITSU%5FMAP3367N%20SUN36G%5FDISKS%5F00N05W67%20%20%20%20 c2t1d0 0x4440018 0x2 Disk_3 Disk DISKS
SEAGATE%5FST373207LSUN72G%5FDISKS%5F303630393334335850480000 c1t2d0 0x4440020 0x2 Disk_4 Disk DISKS
SEAGATE%5FST373207LSUN72G%5FDISKS%5F303630393333585242540000 c1t3d0 0x4440028 0x2 Disk_5 Disk DISKS
SEAGATE%5FST373207LSUN72G%5FDISKS%5F303630393334354E58530000 c1t1d0 0x4440030 0x2 Disk_6 Disk DISKS

Disk_7 and Disk_8 were shown failed in vxdisk list, so I used vxdiskadm and resttached and reinitialized the disks and added to disk group like other disks.

then the Volume came online and I could mount it. But /etc/vx/disk.info is bothering me with same solaris disk name for 2 Veritas Devices

now vxdisk list shows online,
vxdisk list
Disk_0 auto:none - - online invalid
Disk_1 auto:cdsdisk Disk3 D2_Array online
Disk_2 auto:cdsdisk Disk1 D2_Array online
Disk_3 auto:cdsdisk Disk2 D2_Array online
Disk_4 auto:cdsdisk - - online
Disk_5 auto:cdsdisk Disk2A D2_Array online
Disk_6 auto:cdsdisk Disk3A D2_Array online
Disk_7 auto:cdsdisk Disk4 D2_Array online
Disk_8 auto:cdsdisk Disk5 D2_Array online
cat /etc/vx/dmppolicy.info
scheme=ebn persistence=yes

Anything we can do make sure things don't break in the future? If you require any other info, please let me know

Thanks in advance..Smilie

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