NFSv4 on Netapp and Redhat 5.3 as Client

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Old 09-25-2009
NFSv4 on Netapp and Redhat 5.3 as Client

Hi Folks!

I'm new in using NFSv4 and do have a little trouble. I had a partition working with NFSv3, at the beginning i couldn't see on the client the German umlauts letters {,,} a manipulation of the LANG environment variable helped and the filenames with this letters were shown normally (before the letter was replaced by an "?"). That all worked fine until we wanted to use NFSv4. The problem with the umlauts is back again. But this time it is not a "?" by that they are replaced. Every umlaut is replaced by "~#seq.Nr" and the rest of the word is cut of.

I have read that the Server and the Client hve to use the same charset, so we changed the charset on the NetApp to de_DE.UTF-8 and the Redhat to LANG=de.UTF-8. Unfortunately it didn't changed anything.

I am very thanfull for all your helps, that i can read my regular filenames again without this replacements und cut-off.
I tried several hours to find a good solution, e.g. I'm not really interessted in renaming the whole system tree. Because it would be a lot of lines to manipulate.

Kind Regards and Thank you for your help

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Old 09-30-2009
What is the reason you want to use NFSv4? If you don't have problems with NFSv3 and you don't have a good reason where you have to use NFSv4, just use NFSv3.
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Old 10-01-2009
Well a good reason is to try it out, test it benchmark it. I've read it has a better performance but I'm not a person who just believes, I want to ratify that. What performance is better, throughput or also finding files etc. But therefore it is need to work.
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