X2go server on Debian 8.10, stdin is not a tty

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X2go server on Debian 8.10, stdin is not a tty

I am using x2go server on Debian 8.10.

When I try to connect using x2go client, I get the error:
"stdin: is not a tty stty: standard input: Invalid argument".
My online searches return results of most people suggesting to replace the line:

mesg n


tty -s && mesg n

in /root/.profile

or some variation. I tried this but the problem persists.

I'm thinking this has to do with shell scripts trying to access tty in a non-interactive mode but I cannot seem to find where else this would be happening. I'm pretty new to Linux so I probably need some assistance now, thank you.
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What are the complete client command you are using to try to connect to the x2go server?

Are you using a Windows or a Linux client?
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Sorry for the delayed response. I am using a Windows client. I was able to figure out the problem. in /etc/profile, there was a custom script being included that I overlooked. /etc/profile was looping through and including all the scripts it could find from within /etc/profile.d/ the culprit was called /etc/profile.d/custom.sh which was added by my web host provider. This script was not testing for shell interactivity so I added the check and that fixed it.
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