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Old 03-26-2001

Hi everyone
I'm a HPUX system admin, and need some help. Our organisation is full of red tape and managers like that like to hold many meetings but take little action. I need to persuade my line manager that we should move our two nameservers onto BIND 8.

Can anyone please point me to some resources, or give me a brief breakdown on what the main differences are between version 8 and version 4 which is what we currently run.

Many thanks. By the way Neo, do you fancy a change of scene and a new job here in sunny England? Smilie We need some good system admins.

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Old 03-27-2001
There are <strong>multiple</strong> security implications in running outdated versions of BIND. Upgrading to BIND 9.1 is strongly recommended. If that is not possible, you should upgrade to at least version 8.2.3. Running previous versions leaves your server open to exploits which can provide remote root-level access to your machine. For more detailed information, please see

BTW, I lived in England for 12 years, I'd move back if you're offering a job.... Smilie

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Old 03-27-2001
MySQL Many Thanks

Many thanks PxT, these security vulnerabilities should scare my manager enough for him to sign off my business case to move onto at least BIND 8.2.3.

heh I would love for someone of your ability to come and work here, at least that way I'd have someone who was willing to teach me and not be stuck with my existing colleagues who have a selfish desire to keep all their knowlesdge to themselves (they somehow feel it will weaken their position if everyone knows their little UNIX secrets). You would receive a pay cut of about 50% and be stuck with working under a blundering bunch of "managers" who are wholly incompetent in managing anything, and have even less techinical ability Smilie Changed your mind? I don't blame you Smilie

Thanks again, keep up this great forum.

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